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Tourism and sports

The Kysuce region is undoubtedly the paradise for all of the lovers of nature. The region is surrounded by the mountain ranges of the Kysuce Beskydy, the Javorníky, the Kysuce highlands and the Turzovka highlands, therefore the region offers numerous occassions for hiking and cyclo tourism. The well known winter sports centres are located near the town of Čadca:

  • Husárik ( in the distance of 400 metres from the cottage ),
  • ski center Veľka Rača ( 14 km ),
  • Skalité-Serafínov ( 22 km ),
  • Raková-Korcháň ( 12 km ),
  • Turzovka-Bukovina ( 17 km ),
  • Makov ( 30 km ).

The fans of skiing will certainly not be bored there.

Culture and pilgrim places

If you desire to see some art exhibitions, you are recommended to visit the Kysuce museum or the Kysuce Gallery. The renaissance manors in Oščadnica and Radoľa are not far from Čadca. In Nová Bystrica, you can visit a well known open air museum of Vychylovka with the architecture typical of the turn of the 19th and 20 th century, as well as the historical narrow gauge rail which has been ranked to the list ot the UNESCO cultural heritage.

The Kysuce region is also known for several pilgrimage places, e.g. Živčáková near the town of Turzovka, Kalvária in Oščadnica with 14 chaples and a church.

Cultural events

There are numerous festivities held anually, e.g. Theatre and children in September, the festival of amateur theatre – Palárikova Raková, Rem – Art in June, the festival of spiritual songs Magnificat, the Kysuce Marathon in June, the 10 km running competition in April – Čadčianska desiatka, the winter tourist crossing by the Javorníky mountains in February, the St. Barholomew Fair at the end of August.

The town of Čadca

The town of Čadca itself will provide you with all of the services needed, fitness centres, solariums, a swimming pool, an internet café etc.